What is Robinremit?

Robinremit is a payment hub where merchants can accept payments globally and process online transactions. Basically, we help you make payment for goods and services via cryptocurrency and invest your revenue in assets.

Uses can make payments using our cards on their different accounts or funded accounts like crypto and fx. Simply register your account and you can start making payments in crypto using our payment system.

Yes, you have the option of registering one or more businesses on the Robinremit platform.

Yes, you can, provided its a regulated business(es).

What is a payment option?

Payment options are different options provided by Robinremit that users can use in making online trnasactions.

Any registered and verified user can activate any of the payment options after passing the KYC (know your customer) verification.

All transactions carried out on our payment system are verified by our staffs and are logged for future references.

To process any funding transaction, a user must provide a proof of such transaction. If a user fails to provide such, the system will deny access to proceed.

How do i contact Robinremit?

A user may contact Robinremit support using either the contact page or emailing support@robinremit.com for help.

Yes. Using our on-site active support at the bottom-right corner.

Yes. We have selective crypto currencies that we accept as means of transaction.

No, we are not. We don't sell, buy, or trade crypto. We help our users process payments.