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Beyound doubts, we relief our customers from unimaginable stress and regulations of processing transactions via banks with our online payment system.

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Ending the old-fashioned banking systems with our payment systems for global reach.

  • Global reach

    Process all your daily expenses and only transactions in minutes at your own comfort.

  • Multi-choice options

    Global Access provides you with different options that suits your daily transactions.

  • Fast operations

    With Global Access payment system, you execute fast transactional operations within minutes, no more 5 business days delays

Small business integration

What can Global Access payment system help you with?

  • Online purchase

    With Global Access payment smart option, you can manage inflow and outflow funds, pay out more efficiently with the Global Access smart payment system.

  • Cost Saving

    Seamless process to your fiancial freedom with a reduced cost by using our payment system. Activate and start proccessing transactional expense.

  • Account Funding

    You can choose the Global Access payment system for funding of your online accounts like FX and other cypto wallets for your trading accounts.

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Compliance to law

Global Access payment system is backed-up with the Payment Systems Regulation (PSR).

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Funds management

Global Access serves an intermediary between you, your business and daily financial transactions.

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